Day Two

Day two of my practical placement saw me supervising NAPLAN, my first experience of an unmotivated year 10 class, and the sharing of many exciting plans for the next term of teaching. 

After witnessing not one but two car accidents on the way to school in the morning (bad omen anyone?) I encountered George Orwell’s essays at 7:30am (a nice dose of sarcasm for breakfast!) and then was summoned to NAPLAN supervision. While the other teachers busied themselves with collecting the right papers in the right order, I was able to meet my fellow prac student, who has fewer days and a different Master teacher. She seemed very timid and quiet-perhaps this was what I was supposed to be like? And instead I had just marched on into the school and started talking to everyone in the staffroom. Oops!

Before lunch, my Master teacher had a delightful year 10 class which I observed. They were mildly interested in the book they were reading (The Catcher in the Rye), even if only to criticise all the swearing, but none of them had completed (or even started!) their homework. Whilst supervising them during lunch time (while they were doing their homework detention style), I encountered my first behavioural issue. After talking about it in the staffroom later, I discovered that the best strategy was to placate the student lest he start throwing things at me. Gulp!

All in all though, it was another positive day! It gave rise to many goals and ideas to work on for PBL units throughout Terms 2 and 3. As a result, I suggested collaboration with some of my university colleagues and networks from previous studies-an idea which my Education Lecturer was absolutely thrilled with! 

And so, this weekend will involve much preparation and agonising over my first lessons to be taught to year 9 and year 11 on Thursday. Wait with bated breath!


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