Dragging the universities up to speed.

As many of you who read my blog or follow me on twitter would know, improving teacher education is something I am keenly interested in. I have previously blogged about the need for increased technology integration and more emphasis on developing a supportive PLN during Preservice, and boosting the self efficacy of early career teachers. in addition to this, many of you will also know about the research being conducted with mentoring Preservice teachers on twitter with some lovely people from my PLN.

Recently I was asked to help out with a project at university that a lecturer of mine is running which would indicate that some people out there in higher Ed are hearing the call to provide these essential ingredients in Preservice teacher education (with the exception of course of @sthcrft @rellypops and @djplanner – who are already all over it).

I have been asked to reconstruct a website to be used in the methodology course to educate Preservice teachers at macquarie uni in English and literacy, and is also available to those teachers and interested parties who aren’t enrolled at the uni but can register for free. Ideally, the site will soon be open access, but as a free provider of resources, links, apps and forum space for interaction between teachers and Preservice students, the project already holds a lot of potential.

The value lies in not only the provision of these resources, links, apps, programs etc which encourage teachers and students to become more familiar with technology and comfortable using it in their classroom, but also an evaluative component which directs users to the most valuable sections of said resource/app/site/blog and tips on HOW it will be useful in the classroom. In my own experience of exploring technology, I’ve found that the most valuable blogs are the ones which provide this evaluative element rather than just lists. I think it also encourages and models reflective practice-if you have to justify it’s importance, you have to use those higher order skills yourself and hopefully promote them in your students.

I am finding though, that narrowing down the possibly millions of resources and apps out there which are potentially useful for English teachers is a mammoth task. I am planning to model best practice here (and show others the power of technology in collaborating and producing valuable resources) and ask my PLN for their assistance. The more teachers who help out, the greater the potential will be for this site to provide support and ideas for teachers in your school, and because it is university endorsed, it will hopefully mean that it is given more credence than sites run by commercial organizations (though the money-hungry nature of universities often concerns me!) and that it will pave the way for an increased technology component in many other Preservice courses!

Please, if you have any suggestions at all which will assist teachers with English, drama or literacy (at any level) contact me on twitter (@LaurenForner) or leave a comment below. I look forward to working with you all!


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  1. I’ve been mulling about this for a while, basically since I got given the role of IT integrator. I know there is no shortage of resources, online or otherwise. Mapping it into the classroom is the challenge. Then there’s the ‘knowledge management’ as well, as you mention above.

    I think @ktenkely’s ilearntechnology is a good model of showing a tool and then how it can be used in the classroom. I tried to do this with my new-ish from parties to the classroom blog.

    Another good resource site is @rmbyrne’s freetech4teachers. it is now so rich you’d pretty much find everything there.

    Perhaps it’s not about storage for resources but rather help teachers find what they need AND share their stories, successful or not. I think people will happily share successes but we really want to encourage fails/mistakes so we can learn vicariously from those.

    I’m going to stop there before my comment ends up longer than your post. 😉

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 7 months ago
  2. * Fiona Boughey says:

    Lauren, anything I can help with, just ask! Also, I’d be interested in being involved with your mentoring online project for pre-service teachers. Cheers, Fiona

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 6 months ago

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