Call for Participants in Pre-Service Teacher Networking Project: PSTs

Pre-service or early-career teacher? Doing a BEd/BTeach/Dip. Ed or any other teaching course? We want you. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, under-prepared, lost, excited, inspired or awesome about teaching, this project is for you. We’re running this project as a way to introduce pre- and early-service teachers to online networking and help fill in some of those (often huge) gaps between the unit codes and what actually happens in the classroom (more detailed info here), as well as share your work and ideas. It’s a low-commitment project that provides support for you to engage in online networking, in an organic way that fits around your study/work schedule. It’s not tied to any of your units or pracs and you’re not graded on it.

Why? Online networking provides the real-world support that uni courses don’t – resource sharing, problem solving, cries for help, kudos for awesome work and sympathetic people on tap.

To get involved, follow our How To Play getting started guide (it’s the same for both mentors and participants). Initially, joining the Hootcourse is all you’ll need to do to confirm your participation before the project kicks off in late February.


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