Why do I care?

After having some hurtful things said about me today by a student, I started to wonder why it upset me so much, after all, is it important that your students like you? Think you are cool? Want to be in your class?

Now, I’m not talking about respect, I’m talking about positive feelings towards. Undoubtedly, a student must respect their teacher (and vice versa) for learning to occur.

Last year, I developed a thick skin. The students who hated me hated every teacher, hated school, their parents, and most things generally. The students who have expressed their displeasure this year, however, are the “nice” kids.

I have always felt that as a teacher or a parent, it isn’t important that kids “like” you, because, after all, kids won’t always appreciate you doing what’s best for them when they disagree about what it is that’s best for them. However this rationalisation hasn’t helped the feeling that today’s comments have planted in my stomach.

How do we cope with these comments about our personal qualities in a professional capacity?


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  1. * kmcg2375 says:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience like this Lauren…it does happen to us all! The best advice I got about dealing with the student the next day/week etc. is that you should try and make every day a fresh start. Don’t hold a grudge, because at the end of the day your student is a teen full of raging hormones and a lot of issues with the adult world. Sometimes they lash out, but try not to take it too personally. Just chant to yourself ‘water off a ducks back…!’

    That said, it is worth mentioning the exchange with your Head Teacher. I’m not sure exactly what this student said about you, but your HT will be in a better position to look after your welfare if they know what a student has said to get through your thickening skin 😦

    Sigh…they know not what they do, do they? I’m sorry I have no advice about how to forget the words this student said. Maybe find a student you get on better with and hang out with them for awhile, let them restore your faith! Take care.

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