How my own impatience has made me realise the necessity of social media for students

Is it just me, or has Twitter made everyone impatient? If my twitter feed doesn’t update every 2 seconds I throw my phone to the other side of the room, and wonder why my wifi is playing up.

And if no one else has tweeted after me (ie I appear first on my news feed) it makes me wonder whether there has been some kind of nuclear crisis which has decimated the planet.

Sigh. I am even impatient with Facebook nowadays, and have stopped using it because people take up to a day to reply.

I used to laugh when I heard the phrase acquired ADHD bandied around, but now it seems to be my grim reality. I can only imagine what students, who have known no other world than that of instant access and instant information, must feel like when we teachers take so long to get on board with new things like social media.

The discussion surrounding whether social media is a positive or negative thing for children has become an obsolete one. The fact is, that the invention of avenues for instant communication, instant collaboration and instant access to people and information are reflective of the way in which the digital generation function.

The “digital” has not created the generation, the generation has created the need for avenues for digital networking.