My fav edu tools at the moment

My favourite education tools at the moment:
1. Edmodo.
It’s free, unblocked by the DEC, available for parents to see, you can easily embed just about anything into it, and you can even keep your gradebook and marking in there!
My yr 9 classroom is completely paperless because of edmodo-all worksheets are there ready to be downloaded and completed on MSWord or similar.
And it also allows you to create mini-groups, connect with other teachers, and has a calendar function. It also has an iPhone app-essential for me because I hate using my laptop if I can use my phone!
What’s not to love?


2. Slideshare and Scribd.
I love these tools because it allows me to publish documents and PPTs so I can directly embed them into edmodo for the kids or into my blog. They are free and very easy to use, plus it gets you into the habit of sharing your resources-why should someone else reinvent the wheel if you’ve already done it?


3. Infographics (Visual.ly) and graphic organisers (exploratree.org)
I am really into getting kids to develop higher order thinking skills at the moment, which is why I think graphic organisers are great. Getting them to reorganise the information they know in a way which requires them to demonstrate a conceptual understanding is a skill which will translate into other curriculum areas as well-added bonus!

4. Twitter.
Perhaps it’s not so relevant for the kiddies themselves, but for my own professional development and in order to build up a wealth of resources, Twitter is fantastic! The new people I’ve met and new concepts I’ve heard about via twitter are just astonishing. It just goes to show that there is always something new to think about in education!